Sunday, May 20   3:00 pm

Cultural Reflections
Examining Art, History, Culture & the Humanities
A Sunday Afternoon Educational Series


Orangeries are similar to a greenhouse or conservatory and were a fad in America during the late 1700s and early 19th century, built by prominent families on their estates. The name reflects the original use of a structure as a place where citrus trees and other delicate plants were kept alive through the winter months in tubs under cover, surviving harsh frosts and winter weather although they were not necessarily expected to flower and bear fruit. The earliest ones were constructed in Europe and eventually they made their way to America, including Bedford, which has a very rare surviving Orangerie from the 1840s.

Location: Bower Center in Bedford, VA

The program will be presented by Sergei Troubetzkoy, Director of Tourism for Bedford. Mr. Troubetzkoy has given a number of programs throughout Virginia, Washington, DC and in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Free event… Open to the public… Join us and be enlightened!