Notes from the Executive Director – November 2016

johnstaffordphotowebNotes from the Executive Director … John Stafford

Last month I wrote of the momentum we have going at BCA (a.k.a. “The Great Pink”).

  • As this is being written, workmen just completed installing new windows on the north side of BCA.
  • Lisa Floyd and her friend, —————-, not only completed murals in the 2nd floor bathrooms, but totally transformed the Bedford Lutheran Church Nursery by repainting that room, 360 degrees, with a wonderful and cheerful mural.
  • Have had great initial meetings with Bank of the James and American National Bank about becoming major sponsors for BCA.
  • A patron is commissioning a sculpture of an 8’ high boy and girl to inaugurate our BCA Sculpture Garden, which will be dedicated in 2017.
  • Rob Jarvis is Chair of our newly formed ‘Docent/Volunteer’ Committee and will be training volunteers to help expand our hours during the week and weekend (currently we are open from 11AM – 4PM, Tuesday – Saturday; our goal is to stay open on week nights from 5PM to 8PM and also be open with TKP on Sunday afternoons from 12PM to 3PM)
  • All studios are 100% occupied and will be freshly painted and have new light fixtures as of November
  • Working with flooring companies to donate materials and labor to complete upgrade of our floors – i.e. layer old flooring with plywood underlay and carpeting (hallways) and vinyl (studios)
  • I’ve addressed PEO, Rotary Clubs, JOY radio, Bedford Women’s Club, about BCA and request that your organization invite me to be a speaker on the Bower Center for the Arts [please e-mail: or ]
  • Refinishing floor of the Sara Braaten Gallery has been postponed as we are getting bids from flooring specialists to complete floors after we (BCA volunteers) take out the old carpeting – hope to have this done by beginning of 2017. [note: had hoped to do entire process with volunteers, but there were/are issues precluding this plan . . . ]
  • We continue to receive wonderful furniture, rugs and antiques that will be sold in the Great Pink Rummage Sale/Auction. High end items will be auctioned, while smaller items (books, puzzles, etc.) will be rummaged. STILL TIME TO DONATE – we will be sending trucks to gather items for the sale during the week of November 14 – 18. Please call BCA to arrange pick up: 540-586-4235

John Stafford


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