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Candace Monaghan: Bloom with Grace

Aug. 24 - Sept. 25, 2021

Bloom with Grace

Bloom with Grace is an exhibit that has grown out of an annual sunflower festival that Candace Monaghan has hosted for the past 5 years on her family farm in Botetourt County, Virginia. She has dabbled in nature photography for a few years and greatly enjoyed combining her newfound love for sunflowers.

“Every time of day a new forecast released presents a totally new view for these beauties. I love seeing all of the insects that the flowers attract as well. From beautiful butterflies to many varieties of grasshoppers, they all have a different purpose and provide great photography opportunities.”

This exhibit will overlap the dates of the Beaver Dam Sunflower Festival, 170 Wheatland Rd, Buchanan VA, September 10-19, 2021

Monaghan Family
Monaghan Family
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