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See ME!

Nov. 23 - Jan 22, 2022

Everyone wants to be seen, heard, and engaged with as a fully realized human being. Let’s explore the concept that we as people are genetically the same (99.9 percent according to the National Human Genome Research Institute) BUT ... we are different in how the world views and separates us.

What are these differences? Race, sexuality, disability, age, gender, religion, culture? How are we the same?

Give recognition to those who are deemed invisible … they deserve to be recognized!

This is the second in a series of biennial exhibits Bower Center for the Arts will be hosting that addresses social, humanitarian, political, and cultural issues.

In addition to the exhibit there are a couple of programs related to this theme being planned. Tentative dates are Sunday, December 12 and Sunday, January 9, at 2pm. They will be free and open to the public.

Opening reception: Friday, December 10, 5-7pm

Cultural Reflections:

Join us on January 9th for two cultural reflection discussions Veronica Jackson and Ryann Mason. Click the speakers name for more information regarding their reflections!

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