7th Annual Edna Curry/John Bower

Feb 2 - Mar 13, 2021

Named to honor the Center's primary benefactors, whose generous contributions have made the Bower Center possible, this exhibit annually brings in diverse collections of 150+ artworks by 50+ artists including paintings, mixed media, photography, sculpture, and more. Much of the artwork is for sale and awaiting its new home in yours.

Dr. Bower’s love for the Bedford community and desire for an inclusive art center inspired this unique judged exhibit, accepting all artist entries and offering a platform for all who wish to participate. This exhibit proves each year to be varied and exciting for all ages.

Judge: Richard Pumphrey
Richard Pumphrey’s teaching experiences over the last forty years have ranged from a variety of studio and art history classes across the Art curriculum. At the University of Lynchburg from which he recently retired, he chaired the Art Department for over a decade and received the College’s “Award for Excellence in Scholarship,” also distinguishing himself as the first faculty member to receive both the “Award for Excellence in Teaching” and the “Award for Excellence in Advising” in the same year. ELEMENTS OF ART, authored by Richard Pumphrey, is a design text for college students that reflects his insights into the universal principles of two and three-dimensional design.
Art Making:
Richard Pumphrey is known as an impassioned designer and for creating stained glass windows and especially many types of sculpture. In addition to exhibitions, his sculptures include installations of portrait busts in numerous consequential settings, including the National D-Day Memorial, East Tennessee State University, Virginia Military Institute, and others. His body of monumental woodcarvings and steel pieces, entitled THE COMPROMISED SERIES, addresses atrocities committed against Afghani women by the Taliban. His religious pieces adorn many churches. Each work’s significance is achieved through its design, scale, and use of media. His past commissions vary in media; including stained glass, clay, wood, and steel. Art study led Pumphrey to the Upper-Paleolithic caves of the Dordogne, including Lascaux, Font du Gaume and Rouffignac, in addition to the art and architecture of Roman and Renaissance Italy.
Relative to his many judging experiences, Pumphrey says:
I am equally energized by non-objective work as well as representational, by conceptual as well as abstraction. The common denominator in the expressiveness of all work should be a manifestation of impeccable design, evidence of the maker’s unique perception, and a selection and handling of media that contributes to defining the overall consequence of the work.
In his own work, he says that his preferred medium is the one he is working on at the moment; that he delights in the possibilities of each medium and associated techniques; that he has no prejudices about the relative merits of any media or art form. He brings this same perspective judging.

To Enter follow the link below, the Entry Deadline is January 20, 2021.


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