In Progress

Jun 11- Jul 18, 2020

Celebrate the beauty and chaos involved in bringing artworks to life! In Progress is an exhibit to stretch the imagination. It’s different. The work is not finished … it may be in an early stage, or nearing completion, or about to take a U-Turn before it is ready for the type exhibit most are used to viewing.

Why unfinished work? Did you ever think about the journey of an artist through the process of creating a piece of work? How many works were started and before completion, had gone through many phases, and sometimes a complete turn-about? There may have been a complete disconnect along the way and a work was relegated to storage for an indeterminant amount of time … then suddenly, one day, the artist stumbled across it, a bell went off, and the missing link was no longer elusive. Most people, unless they live with an artist or one is a close friend, are not privy to the twists and turns a work can go through before being called “finished.” This exhibit includes works accompanied by pictures of what might have inspired the work, images of early sketches, photographs of earlier progress, and a statement about the piece and the direction it is going."

Sponsored by Goose Creek Studio

Our Mission
To support the local community by providing quality custom framing at competitive prices.
To offer hospitable exhibition space for regional artists and artists working at the intersection of faith and creative expression
To foster engaged conversation about the place of arts in our community and the spirituality of the art making process.

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