Apr. 28 - May 15, 2021

Fifteen years ago, the Bower Center for the Arts opened its doors to our community. To commemorate the creativity that has been exhibited and fostered in that time we are planning a series of events and opportunities to celebrate this anniversary and support the Bower Center in 2021.

During renovations to the Bower Center, several old doors were salvaged. As part of our celebration we are offering local artists the opportunity to select one of these doors or they may use one of their own to be reimagined. Maybe a door becomes a mural, a potting bench, a hall tree, a bookcase or something else that will spark our curiosity or imagination.

Literally: door or doorway, entrance, gateway, rabbit hole, mouse house entrance, keyhole, entrance in to or out of a tunnel, hatch, cave entrance, doorway to fantasyland, gangplank! Whether whimsical or literal ... share your portals with Bower Center.

PORTALS is a short 50/50 fundraiser exhibit and an adjunct to the Doors Reimagined Project which ends on May 15 with an auction. Visit our Events page for more details on Doors Reimagined.


305 N. Bridge St.

Bedford, VA 24523





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