Flowers That Will Last Forever: New Mosaic Panels

The BRAMA group has finished three 28” Flower Mosaic Panels, each featuring a flower from the Wharton Garden (right next door to Bower Center) for the exterior of the Bower Center for the Arts building. This project was possible due to receiving a grant that Sara Braaten applied for to the Virginia Commission for the Arts.

In 2016, a few Summer Arts Camp students were able to be involved, but it is primarily being produced by members of the BRAMA group. Members of BRAMA are: Dotti Stone-chairperson, Bonnie Kinnaird, Janet Chalker, Mitchell Bond, Pat Malotte, Sergei Troubetzkoy, Georgia Chapman, Peggy Markham, and Perri Mason.

Blacksmith L T Skinnell, owner of Otter Hill Forge, created the frame work for this project.