Bower Center's 8th Annual Crawfish Festival

May 27, 2017 will be Bower Center's 8th Annual Crawfish Festival! Bring a lawn chair and get ready for an all-you-can-eat event where hundreds of pounds of freshwater crawfish are brought to Bedford live and boiled on the spot!

The generosity of Edna Curry and Dr. John Bower allows the Center to host our Annual Crawfish Festival, a “cultural exchange” that includes hundreds of pounds of crawfish, etoufee, red beans & rice, chicken gumbo, corn on the cob, and potatoes. John and Edna not only bring the food and cooks from Mississippi, they also bring several family members and friends from Mississippi and Virginia to prepare and serve at the Crawfish Festival, which includes a Zydeco band and dancing and great merriment.

The festival is a great benefit of the Center on Memorial Day weekend. And get ready to move your feet to the rollicking music of zydeco music performed by Zydeco Crayz, from DC! Zydeco is the music of the Creole people and is a lively style of music and dance from the southwest prairies and swamps of Louisiana. It’s a gumbo of Cajun, Afro-Caribbean, blues, rhythm & blues, and soul. Zydeco features the accordion, rubboard, guitar, bass, and drums.The 8th Annual Crawfish Festival will begin at 5 PM and take place on the street directly in front of Bower Center for the Arts.

Thank you for the following for helping to sponsor this event: