BRAMA Group Works on Domestic Violence Mosaics

Work is in progress on the Bedford Domestic Violence Services (BDVS) mosaic project for the garden on Bedford Avenue across from Bower Center for the Arts.

Mitchell Bond of Goose Creek Studio designed the 5-panel series, based on BDVS's requested elements to be included. Janet Chalker started the work on the purple ribbon on the right panel and Sergei Troubetzkoy and Dotti Stone continued with the looped ribbon on the first. The ribbon (across all five panels) is the first element to be completed before other parts on the five panels. The ribbon is the only element that will be composed of such a wide variety of different tesserae (the small glass tiles of many different sizes and shapes).

Members of the BRAMA group continue to work on the project and enjoy the sense of community that naturally happens when people work together on a project. If you're interested in joining our group, contact for more information, or check out our public Facebook group to join or keep up-to-date on what's happening!

UPDATE 8-21-17: At last!!! Panel #1 is ready to grout and finish off the edges!!!! Perri Mason is progressing with the tree in Panel #2, and Marjie Milligan continues to work with the red and yellow flower in Panel #3.