Sandee Johnson: "To Live is to Create"

Exhibit dates: September 8 - 30

Opening reception: September 8, 5-8 PM

In this particular show, Sandee shows her versatility in 2D art, ranging from acrylics, mixed media, collage, printmaking, pen & ink, paper making, encaustics, oil with cold wax and photography. She explores both abstraction and figurative work, alien shapes to familiar landscapes, botanicals to African inspiration.

About the Artist

Sandee Johnson has been somewhat of a gypsy after her birth and growing up in central Virginia. She graduated from Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, Virginia and did her graduate work at Florida State University. She then took more graduate courses at McGill University in Montreal and also at Unisversadad de las Americas in Mexico. After that, her life has been a whirlwind of living in Lebanon, working in Korea, Colombia, South America, Tacoma, Washington and Miami, Florida. She resided and worked in Europe with her husband Brian for over 20 years—12 years in Brussels, 7 years in Germany and 1 year totally dedicated to traveling on the continent. The couple also had a house in the Brittany region of France where Sandee had an art studio. She even worked at a friend’s restaurant there during the French “high season” when the crowds were enormous.

She and her husband Brian lived in Bedford for almost three years where she continued various art projects and volunteered at the Bower Center for the Arts.

For the past 40 years Sandee has worked as an artist, free-lance photographer and writer. She has exhibited all over the globe and has had artist residencies in the slums of St Louis,Missouri, Baupres Gallery in Mazatlan, Mexico, several locations in Hungary and Berlin, Germany. She has exhibited widely…. Paris, NYC, Berlin, London, Tokyo, Seoul, Moscow, Shanghai, Seattle and countless other locations. Her work can be found in various books, catalogs and art collections.

After putting together three books and writing/ photographing for numerous magazines, Sandee and Brian moved to Asheville 7 years ago. They live with their Boykin spaniel in a house overlooking the mountains.

Sandee’s mother, Janet Shaffer, was a well-known and appreciated artist in Lynchburg, Virginia. Sandee continues her mother’s commitment to the arts, commenting “To Create is to live and to live is to Create.”