Sacred Life: The Artwork of by Suzanne Paddock

Goose Creek Studio, Bedford, VA August 11th, 2017. This exhibit will be up from August 8th through 31st. Artist Talk on August 20, 2017 from 2-3 PM at Goose Creek Studio.

Consider the idea in which we all carry self made structures that define our reality and shape our individual point of view up to this absolute present moment in time. We are each shaped in part by things like: perspective, experience, knowledge, perception, stereotype, labeling. Myself included.

In the world today, we can see all too often the destructiveness of people remaining too rigid in their gathered structures, when we experience intolerance. Consider a time when you were not included; not understood, or accepted because of your differences.

These paintings are an offering to share a tolerance of point of view. Some of the inspiration behind this work involves conversation about the power of creation and destruction. Photos referenced for three of these paintings are about life reclaiming a death back into nature. There is something breathtaking about the mystery of birthing into and dying out of this reality. There is something important about the fact that beauty does not equal good, and ugliness does not equal bad. Hand outlines, from randomly selected women in my community, acknowledge tenuous connections we have with each other. My community is both strong and fragile; hard won, and greatly appreciated.

View an online book of her works.

I invite you to experience these moments in my visually created structure with understanding for various perspective, experience, knowledge.

Consider finding the sacredness that inspired these paintings as a kind of peace to carry with you out into the world. Hold it. Share it. Allow it to open doors in your own structures of preconception, knowledge, stereotypes and labels. Sacred Life is a hope for understanding and acceptance of a viewpoint existing alongside your own. It exists in contrast, in harmony, in protest, and in silence. We are like the stars; unique and the same, now and forever. Consider too, within each of us is the mystery and the answer.


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