The First SML Photo Club Exhibition is at the MOarts Gallery in September

Moneta, Virginia – August 16, 2017

No camera yet or do you only have a phone camera? Join the SML photo club!

“If you can take a picture, or want to, you are a photographer and you are welcome,” says John O’Connell, President of the SML Photo Club. O’Connell started the club last year at the suggestion of a member of the Smith Mountain Arts Council. Photography is a long-time interest for O’Connell, since his first paid employment was with Spiratone, a photographic specialty equipment company in New York. After retirement he joined several photo clubs and continued to develop his camera skills. Since starting the SML Photo Club he has found that many other people at the Smith Mountain Lake area are interested in sharing knowledge about this art.

The club’s first photography exhibition will be held September 1st through September 30th, 2017 at the MOarts Gallery, located in the Moneta/ Smith Mountain Lake Library. One of the photographs in the show is titled Coming Home to Roost by Richard Miller. This photo was taken near Sanibel Island, Florida and shows a Great White Egret landing in a mangrove grotto for its evening roost.

The SML Photo Club is open to all, from novice photographers to intermediate photographers and advanced or professional photographers. From hobbyists to experts, all are offered the opportunity to share knowledge and to be challenged creatively. The club meets the first Monday of each month at the Moneta/ Smith Mountain Lake Library at 7:00pm. Please enter by the side door. The Moneta/ Smith Mountain Lake Library is a branch of the Bedford Public Library System and is located at 13641 Moneta Rd. Moneta. Call (540) 425-7004 for hours and directions.


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