MOarts Gallery Presents: Expressive Oil Paintings by Suzanne Paddock

Moneta, Virginia – September 25, 2017

Symbolism and expressions of emotions ranging from anguish to hope blaze across Suzanne V. Paddock's work. Her portraits of Abraham Lincoln and her rescued pet series will share the walls at MOarts Gallery through the month of October.

Narrative titles often tell the story behind Suzanne Paddock’s art, and some titles give clues to symbols or emotions. In her "Rescued Pet" series, one of Paddock’s animal paintings highlights a dog swathed in blankets looking up hopefully. She describes the moment, allowing the dog to speak through the title: "And Then, I Got in Her Car, and I Never Looked Back", is literally the car ride home from a shelter for this dog, Elliott. His expression is timeless. Suzanne observes, "Dogs especially really seem to make you believe love is the answer to all our human problems, which is also a story worth sharing,” Her lovingly painted rescued animal series celebrates “the miracle each rescued animal represents” and the series was inspired by those who work at shelters.

In her series "All My Abes", artist Suzanne adds large crow silhouettes, flying crows or finely detailed crows into some of Abraham Lincoln’s portraits, explaining that, “Their companionship is meant as a comfort for souls traveling from this reality to the next.” In Paddock’s dramatic portrait series All My Abes, some of her oil paintings have dark, fierce brush strokes, and in other paintings her brushwork smoothly sculpts Lincoln’s craggy face. As she painted this series, the artist studied photographs of Abraham Lincoln and biographical information about him, asking, “Who was he as a young man, as a father, a husband?” She is an admirer of his presence and personality, as well as his appearance, saying “His practical weathered Midwestern face is extraordinary.”

Much thought and contemplation lies behind Suzanne Paddock’s art, and her creativity is driven by her wish to enlighten us by telling us a story and celebrating the unique center of every being.

About the Artist

As part of the Bedford arts community, Suzanne V. Paddock has a residential studio listed on the Bedford Artisan Trail. Her art is featured at Blue Ridge Animal Hospital, Bower Center for the Arts, and at Goose Creek Studio Gallery and Custom Framing. Get to know Suzanne a little better and visit her website.

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