face the foliage: portraits out of leaves and flowers

Creative Community: A guest post by The Nested Magpie #bowerstartathome

Art is all around us! Nature is often where I find my inspiration. And at a time when we are mostly indoors, focusing on the natural world could be just what you need for a morale boost.

If you have a yard, house plants, or are able to safely go for a walk, gathering materials from nature can offer a fun and creative brain break from the news, work, or school. So, if you’re looking for something to do while staying at home, try a #facethefoliage portrait!

All you’ll need is

creativity and foliage!

1. Take a walk or go into your yard. Collect leaves, twigs, flowers, etc.

2. Arrange the foliage on a piece of paper to look like a face.

3. Snap a pic!

Peruse @facethefoliage for some inspiration and share what you create!

instagram.com/facethefoliage is full of great ideas!

How are you staying creative at home?

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