Roanoke Children's theatre, at home

Learn the song and dance (bonus: cardio) and stain your own newsprint. #bowerstartathome

Roanoke Children's Theatre offers free virtual instruction, tackling musical and artistic aspects of shows, and breaking them down to try yourself.

Warm-up your vocals for yelling "WHAT?" at each other from different rooms.

Yesterday's coffee makes for the perfect stain to make your own Newsies-style newsprints.

RCT’s mission is to provide high-quality theatre education and entertainment for kids, their schools, and their families with year-round productions and programming.

We believe that Skills for Theatre are Skills for Life. In our increasingly insular technological world, we help our youth develop the creative critical thinking and essential interpersonal and public confidence-building tools that will ensure success in the 21st-century workplace. We believe that theatre as a collaborative art form provides inherent educational benefits that all children should experience. We believe in the professional mentoring that can only be obtained by working with professional artists and educators to maintain the highest of artistic standards. And we believe in bringing all this to life at RCT.