"stained glass" painting projects for everyone🎨


We've put together a list of "stained glass" project ideas to add some color around us while we are staying home.

We hope you are getting creative from home, staying inspired together, and connecting with friends, family, and yourself the best you can.

If you try these projects out, share your photos with us using #bowerstartathome

This activity can be done in many ways, so don't worry if you don't have exactly the right supplies on hand. Modify your paint choices to meet you where you are, and enjoy the process.

Engaging kids in a project can feel like a chore when it should be fun. YouTube is a great resource for seeing other kids doing it themselves, having fun, following the process, and following steps to get to a rewarding result- rather than art time resulting in tears, or "I can't do it's" and "I'm done's".

When we experience trial and error during an art project, we learn to persevere, to look for answers and ask more questions before quitting- building confidence and independence for next time.

Kids Teaching Kids Youtube Channel

Photos shared by Nicole, mom of Kyleigh (4) and their front door masterpiece. This project was completed using painter's tape and Crayola Washable Kids Paint.

This idea mixes acrylic paint into a glue bottle, tracing their design on the window, and painting it in.

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