Guest Post by Illustrator Stephen Kissel


Students during a Comics Camp at the Bower Center

One of my favorite activities to do with comics students as a warm-up is the jam comic.

It makes for a great way to improvise and collaborate with others or it could work as an easy ice-breaker with new friends. There’s no planning needed -- just some drawing materials and a blank sheet of paper! 

Each artist has their own page that they fold into fourths (or you can use the handy template below). They draw something happening in the first panel, then pass it along to the next person. That person completes the second panel, passes it along, and so on. Everyone makes their panels solely based on what the previous artist did in theirs.

You can do more panels per page or even a whole book, if you want. The main goal is to be spontaneous and have some fun while creating a short comic with friends or family!

If it ends up being a little weird, that’s okay -- in fact, it’s encouraged!

As a little bonus, I’ve included a couple coloring sheets that you can print out below as well!

Stephen Kissel is an illustrator living in Lynchburg with his energetic cat. Whatever project he takes on, his aim is to bring a bright, playful enthusiasm. When not making things, he might be found searching for the perfect bagel, browsing various antique shops, or teaching classes at his job with a local non-profit.

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