This is Our Service: American Vets Make Art

Invitational Contemporary Art Exhibit

May 21-June 29, Tues-Sat, 11am-4pm
Gallery admission is always FREE

Acknowledging the contributions and sacrifices of vets from all American military conflicts staged on battlefields the world over. As part of the celebration commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, Bower Center for the Arts presents artwork that showcases a group of local and regional artists who are also veterans of the US armed forces.

Special open hours for Memorial Day weekend:

Saturday, May 26 from 11AM to 4PM

Sunday, May 26 from 1 to 5PM

Memorial Day Monday, May 27: 11AM to 4PM

Contributing Artists:

Rod Adams
Jim Barefoot
Nancy DeGeorgis
Stan Fettig
James Jones
John Ketwig
Buck Krantz
Sandy Ludwig
Linda Maxey
Holly McFadyen
Patty Powers
Bryan Skinnell
Steve Terry

Early morning on Afton Mountain, 201
Steve Terry
Jennings Creek Re-Visited, 2018
Rod Adams

Dear Mom Part 1, 2019
Bryan Skinnell
Ink on Strathmore Bristol board
It’s Reflexive, 2016
Patricia Powers, MD, COL, USA (ret)

Cottons and acrylic monoprints
Seaquential, 2018
Holly McFadyen
Seaquential, 2018
Poured acrylic on canvas, paint skins, seashells, acrylic matte finish, acrylic gold
paint pen, and wooden handmade frames around early ‘80s from Mexico.
Night Vision: Seen and Unseen, 2005
Linda Marie Maxey
Oil on canvas
Whittled Flowers, 2017
Sandra Nelms-Ludwig

Olive Tree wood, with accents of stone, wine cork, medicine bottle lid, and
artificial greenery
In Spirit, 2019
Clifton R. (BUCK) Krantz

Tupelo and poplar
Work in Progress, 1969
James Paul Jones

Acrylic and masonite
Dad’s Painted Pony, 1993-2003
Stan Fettig

Carved basswood with walnut and acrylic
PTSD, 2018
Nancy DeGeorgis

Pencil drawing
Untitled, 2019

Acrylic on canvas
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Gallery admission is always free.