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Fun Fact – The Bedford Boys!

Through research and speaking with individuals from the Bedford Boys Tribute Center we discovered a deep connection between the Bedford Boys who sacrificed their lives for their hometown on June 6, 1944. One of the nineteen young men from Bedford who lost their lives that day was Sgt. Frank P. Draper. Sgt. Draper was returned home in 1948 and on July 24, 1948 was laid to rest following a funeral service at Bedford Christian Church. This piece of history means a great deal to our community as well as us here at the Bower Center. What is currently the Sara Braaten Gallery is where Sgt. Draper's service was held in 1948. We here at the Bower Center strive to not only spread the joy of art through our community, we also seek to honor keep the history of this amazing building alive. These images as well has a detailed memorial to Sgt. Draper can be found at


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