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Meagan Skinner: Adventuring

Nov. 22-Jan. 28, 2023

My work, which ranges from the somewhat expected to the most unexpected, aims to capture the beauty in that which is overlooked. From a quiet, cloudy morning along the shore, to the rusted out remains of old train cars, I have gathered these glimpses while out “adventuring”, and now I am sharing them with you.

Going “adventuring” is our (my husband’s and my) favorite thing to do. We can go adventuring around the block, counting kitties we see on our walking route and finding awe and wonder in the day to day, or we can hop in the car (or more recently the old RV with our cat Joli) and head out to far and distant lands in search of something completely new. No matter where we go, I always find some shiny glimpse of the world I can’t help but collect on my camera. Sometimes the moment is simply documentation – pictures or it didn’t happen, right? But other moments, I am blown away by the sights we see and have to snatch them up. Those are the moments you see before you today – those rare and beautiful glimpses I just couldn’t leave behind.

I hope you take time with these bright glimpses, and I hope that they open your eyes to beauty in places you didn’t expect it to be.

Enjoy, be well, and be safe out there.

Meet Meagan Skinner

Meagan was born and raised in Virginia, but though she split the second half of her life between Colorado and South Carolina, she will always consider Virginia her one true home. She grew up playing outside in nature, cats and dogs and occasional bunnies following her through the woods, and thoroughly enjoying the freedom and protection of the sun-dappled forest around her childhood home.

It never occurred to Meagan to be anything other than an artist, nor did she feel it was something one did, it was simply something one was. With two talented and creative parents, encouraging and modeling artistic thought and expression, Meagan has always looked at life through the lens of fix-it-don’t-toss-it, make-it-don’t-buy-it, and this way of thinking has fueled her artistic lifestyle allowing her the freedom to pursue creative outlets in dance, theatre, writing, singing, and making of all kinds.

Photography allows Meagan to tap into that sixth sense of artistic vision, and couple it with that internet-generational flaw of instant gratification, giving her the means to create art wherever she goes. She truly enjoys the freedom photography gives her to capture moments on film and them make them her own, collecting moments in time as only she sees them.

Skinner, M
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