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BLACKTIVISTS-Featuring Women of the Week

February 10-March 24, 2023

BLACKTIVISTS is an ongoing artwork consisting of silkscreened portraits that depict thirteen relatively unknown and understudied Black women activists. The term "activist" is defined as an energetic and vigorous advocate of a cause, especially a political one.

The majority of these women were born during the time of enslavement in the US, and a few were enslaved at birth. Yet despite and/or because of their social circumstances, these women championed human rights for African Americans at a time when their own racialized and gendered existence remained in jeopardy. With that history in mind, this project features activists from the post-Civil War era whose contributions to the development of African Americans and women's lives then holds a place of relevancy for all Americans today.


View a video interview HERE with Studio Artist & Curator, Veronica Jackson.

Women of the Week!

Visit our weekly Bower Center Newsletters to read more information on each of these amazing women!  

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