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Upcoming Summer Art Camp: From Feathers to Folklore

Join us from July 17th-21st for our From Feathers to Folklore camp!

From Feathers To Folklore: Exploring The Rich Culture of Native Americans



Celebrate and explore the rich culture of the Native Americans and how it influenced the art, drama and music of European & English settlers.

A variety of art activities will include native face painting and creating face masks; music, folklore and the rich art of storytelling; exploring tribal identity with spirit animals and creating totem poles; uses of corn from grinding and preparing as food (we will be making and sampling corn mush) to creating corn husk dolls; combining native artistic expression with frontier practicality such as creating paper quilts and beaded belts; creating musical instruments from nature and much more!

This camp is open to kids from 6-15 years old.

Registration Fee: $175

Want to incorporate an at-home exploration of Native American culture?

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