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2023 Viemeister Emerging Artist, Dennis Caldwell – Dynamic

November 21st, 2023 - January 27th, 2024

This solo exhibition of 2023 Suzie Viemeister Emerging Artist, Dennis Caldwell's art will be on display in our Terrace Gallery and Hallway.
An artist reception and gallery talk will take place on Friday, December 8th from 5-7pm here at Bower Center for The Arts in Bedford, Virginia. Dennis will speak at 6pm, followed by Delmus Phelps.

If you couldn't make it to the reception, no worries! You can view and listen to Dennis Caldwell's gallery talk HERE.

Meet the Artist - Dennis Caldwell                           

Dennis learned the fundamentals of art in a few high school level classes. After graduating in 2017 he took a break from art until 2019, when he picked up graphite/charcoal pencils and searched YouTube for tutorials in drawing realistic artwork. In 2021 he really began to take drawing seriously and it led him to different mediums such as watercolor and oil paint. He loves creating artwork, specifically drawing and oil paintings, and says “These two mediums allow me to express whenever I am feeling at the moment. The potential looseness and messiness of oil and charcoal allow me to create unique scenes.”
At 25 years old Dennis aspires to continue this journey to be a full-time self-supporting artist. His biggest source of inspiration has come from seeing other
artwork via social media and YouTube.

Artist Statement

My goal as an artist is to push impressionism and realism as far as I can take it. I want viewers to understand what they're looking at but also understand the essence of each subject. My intention is not to copy a reference photo or live subject down to the smallest detail but to add or take away from what I'm seeing. It's important to me to go against the grain of tradition that limits what each piece of art will look like.

Exhibit Gallery

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