Studio Artists

Bower Center is home to working studios of local artists covering many disciplines from painting with oils, watercolors, acrylics, to mosaics, installation art, photography, stained glass, sculpture, torn paper collage, pottery, and more.

Most studios are open to the public during Bower Center hours of operation.

 | Suzie Viemeister Emerging Artist Residency Program |


Jane Barefoot Rochelle

Torn Paper Collage

Offers: Commissions, Workshops

A native of Bedford, after living in Raleigh for 13 years, Jane is most happy to be back home, spending time with old friends and meeting new ones. A life-long creative spirit, she enjoys nature, music, spending time with her family, and creating images with torn paper! She delights in special orders for her clients, with a specialty in pet portraits.


Virginia Dickens

Fine Art Photography, Mixed Media Art

Virginia Lee Dickens (a.k.a. FRATCH), born in 1963, is a photographer, artist, and graphic designer. She graduated in 1984 from the Ringling College of Art and Design. Her major was illustration. Directly after Ringling, she continued her studies in Advanced Portfolio at the School of Visual Arts, NYC. Virginia began her professional career freelancing at several well known New York advertising firms and illustrationing for the publishing industry. In 1987 she established Visions Advertising, a firm with its roots in publishing. By 2006 the firm began specializing in Retail Technology. She packed up the paints and got down to the nitty gritty of computer generated design and marketing. Indeed, these were the skills which would lead to her photography passion and mixed media direction. “I loved the fact that I could combine so many of my skills to create unique and personal works of art,” says Virginia. Read More


Veronica Jackson

Interpretive Exhibit Designer, Content Developer, Visual Artist

 Jackson’s visual art practice is comprised of 3D installations that critically examine and elucidate the visualization of gender and race in America by specifically focusing on the portrayal and perception of black women in popular media of their time. 


Janie Mantooth

Painter, Stained Glass

What I like most about art is that it gives you an outlet for your creative mind, a world in which there are no hard and fast rules. I also like making art because it creates beauty and it inspires and elevates people. Heaven knows, we all need more beauty, elevation and inspiration in our lives! It feels good to me to be a part of something that does this for people.


Perri Mason


I love the challenge of painting with watercolors! Although I also work in acrylic and pencil, watercolors are my preferred medium. Painting allows me to take the chaos of the world and to slow it down. To focus on my subject matter and create how I see the subject using pigment and water is my personal form of meditation. Painting layer upon layer of watercolor glazes gives me the depth and light I see in my subject matter and enables me to share that vision with my audience. 


Suzanne V. Paddock 


I am an oil painter. I grew up with not having much and not fitting in very well with my peers. This may sound sad or disastrous, but it was really the perfect storm for someone like me, who excelled in daydreaming. I know I drew and painted through way more than half my childhood. Read More


Lori Stetson

Oils, Wire Sculpting "Wire Woods and other Whims"

My artistic talents developed right alongside this furred and feathered obsession and for thirty years I painted animal portraits. Stepping outside of my comfort zone in 2002 I began producing works from my head and heart and exploring new mediums. Wire sculpting, oil painting and the study of trees and water are all current areas of interest My work has been featured on the covers of an international veterinary magazine and homes across the country.


Dotti Stone


The timeless beauty and versatility of ancient mosaics and the ease with which it integrates into modern society is what attracted Stone to this medium. Creating mosaics and inspiring others to enjoy, appreciate and learn about this versatile art through exhibiting and teaching is her passion.


305 N. Bridge St.

Bedford, VA 24523




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